If you sign-up for an account:

Your account: 

Your password and email address will be retained indefinitely (along with material you save) until you delete your account. If your account remains inactive for four years, it will be deleted automatically. You can change your password at any time but not your email address (you would have to delete your account and set up a new one with a new email address). 


If you opt in to alerts we will send you the email updates below. You can opt out of all or any of these alerts at any time in your account settings. 

Saved vehicle alerts - Sent whenever the price of the vehicle changes, or when the vehicle is sold, reserved or designated as available. 

Saved search alerts - A weekly update showing new vehicle listings that match your search requirements (one sent for each saved search). 

Valuation alerts - A monthly update on your vehicle’s value (along with offers tailored to your personal finance situation if you choose to provide us with those details). 

Abandoned basket alerts - Sent if you partially complete a transaction for a vehicle. 


If you take steps to complete a finance application while logged into your account, we will save your application details to your account so that you may return to complete it later on.

If you select ‘guest checkout’ during a transaction for a vehicle:

By entering your email address you consent to the following: 

If you do not complete a transaction for a vehicle, we may send you an email about your incomplete transaction which will include marketing material.